all-in-one childcare software

Seed Keeper is an intelligent software that connects teachers and parents to facilitate streamlined communication between the two. Allows parents to be directly involved in their children’s lives and observe special milestones of the child.

Why Us?

Grow and glow your childcare business, and generate a significant result from the competition. Drive the program quality to the next level.

Increase Admissions

Track your leads, get follow-up reminders, and manage your leads efficiently. Your key to turning prospects into admissions

Save time and money

Adap the new technology and saving thousands of dollars to transform your childcare business into an all-in-one digital childcare business.

Increase staff and teacher productivity

Enhance your staff and teacher working productivity by minimizing their trivial tasks on spreadsheets, emails while getting the job time faster than ever.

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Your Child Care At Your Fingertips

Your child care at your fingertips

Create a contactless and digital attendance record of children. Once each child checks in using Seed Keeper, allow teachers to directly recognize who is not coming today and who is absent for today.

Coordinate your team

Efficiently monitor the workload and working efficiency for each of the staff and teacher in one application.

Strengthen parents communication & engagement

As a childcare center, allowing a parent to easily track the essentials is crucial. Seed Keeper allows you to effectively and efficiently provide parents with their child’s updates, including: Meals, Sleep, Diaper, Shower and Activities The same time, allow parents to receive real-time updates of activities or events, pictures, and care provided.


Automation of Children’s Progress Monitoring

Easy tracking of the essentials

Provide regular progress updates. Real-time updates of children’s learning moments also have a better understanding of child’s growth.

Effortless organization

Becoming a parent can be overwhelming, it is so much to learn and do! We help keeping track of what has done and what is to do. Such as important announcement, payment status, event and progress updates and others.

All important info accessible at a glance

Keep in mind everything is impossible. However, Seed Keeper allows taking notes of everything. It simplifies the transmission of important information to people who take care of the child.


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